How to start prawn farming business in Nigeria and India. If you ever have a prawn farming business plan in India and Nigeria, this post will guide you to farm prawns.

If you’re interested in starting your own Prawn farm as a business plan? Then this post is all you need. You’ll get all the information about Prawn farming such as the Investment, food, pest and disease and also, the profit margin in the Prawn farming.

Before we get started on how to start a profitable prawn farming business,  let’s first see what prawn is.

What is prawn?

According to, Prawn is a common name for small aquatic crustaceans with an exoskeleton and ten legs (which is a member of the order decapoda), some of which can be eaten. (source: Wikipedia).

Prawn farming business

Is Prawn a fish?

Yes, Prawn is a type of fish that has high market demand because of its taste. It’s also beneficial worldwide.

Besides consuming more It’s consumed in India, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Japan, United States, including the Commonwealth countries on large scale.

These days, many people have taken prawn as a diet in their daily food. Some people eat it when fried, raw, cooked or in any other way.

Prawn farming does not require huge startup capital. This means you can start it as a small scale business. Also,  it don’t require big portion of land.

Good number of people are doing Prawn farming business and making good profit from it. It requires good management to be produce well. All you need is proper information about Prawn farming to be successful in this farming business.

Health Benefits of Prawns

There are many benefits of Prawns in the business sector. Not only that,  it’s also beneficial to human health.

Prawns are rich in vitamins and minerals which aids in treatment of various diseases. 

Prawns can prevent us from many cancer problems.
The presence of fatty acids in the Prawn is very high, that can help in keeping a healthy heart.
Prawns are also rich in Calcium, which can help to strengthen the bones.

Vitamin E is also present in Prawns which can help in keeping healthy skin and also preventing all skin infections.

The presence of Vitamin B12 in the Prawns is also beneficial in the cleaning of the nerves and arteries of the body.

Prawns are low-calorie food. So, consuming Prawns is also beneficial in weight loss a and has the ability to keep a healthy living.

As you have seen above,  prawns have much benefit to human health. So let’s face how to start Shrimp / prawn production in Nigeria and India.

How to Start Prawn Farming Business In Nigeria And India

How do you start a prawn farm? You’re about to see how to farm prawns in Nigeria and India. Below are the steps to start a prawn farming business:

Step #1. Understand the nature of prawn farming

Prawn farming business
Nature of the business

First,  you’ll need to understand the nature of the business before starting it. You’ll need a solid prawn farming business plan.

Additionally,  you’ll need to know the types of prawn and know the species to farm. Below are different types of prawn:

Types of prawn

  • King prawns

These are generally larger than tiger prawns, king prawns are Australia’s most popular prawns. They have moist, medium-firm flesh and a rich flavour. The end of their tails are bright blue when raw.

  • Tiger prawns

Tiger prawns are large and flavoursome. They have moist, firm flesh and a medium flavour. They have distinctive grey, blue or black stripes that turn red when cooked.

  • Banana prawns 

These type of prawn are medium-sized prawns with a sweet, mild flavour. They have  two varieties: regular banana prawns have red legs, and white banana prawns have cream and yellow legs.

  • School prawns

Because of their short shelf life, these tiny prawns are almost always sold cooked. They’re usually moist and very sweet.

Step #2. Prawn farming business investment

Prawn farming business in Nigeria

Your investment capital is very important because, no capital,  no business. So prawn farming business investment capital is much necessary.

Step #3. Setup your a pond for your prawn

Prawn farming business in India
Setup a pond for your prawn farm

If you want to own a prawn farm,  you’ll need to setup sizable pond for your prawn farming business. If you don’t have any, it’s good you construct or rent one.

Construct a pond having dimension of 8 X 8 feet for farming Prawns which should have a depth of about 5 feet deeper.

How much does it cost to start a prawn farm or shrimp farm

You might want to know how much it costs to start a prawn farm. We’ll give you a rough estimate on that.

 farming prawn does not require huge startup capital. An amount of Rs 75,000 as the initial investment can be enough to start a profitable prawn farming business in a one-acre pond. That’s the case of Indians.

So, below is the rough calculation of all material including their cost that’s important to start a new prawn farm.

For Indian farmers:

  • Cost of Prawn Shed Rs 15,000
  • Cost of Food Rs 5,000
  • Cost of Fertilizer Rs 5,000
  • Cost of preparing a pond [one time (100 feet pond)] Rs 30,000
  • Cost of Miscellaneous Investment Rs 20,000
  • Total Expenses Rs 75,000

Please note that the calculations above are rough estimate. This can also difer depending on the different equipment you select.

For Nigerian farmers:

Step #4. Business location

Prawn farming business plan
Find location of your business

You need a land for your prawn farming business and it should be big enough, that’s depending on the size of your business.

So, choose a suitable farm location for your business of growing prawns commercially. Ensure that water is available at your business location because it’s much important for farming prawns.

Also, ensure that your farm is very close to a local market.

Step #5. Get the necessary equipments you need for your prawn farming business


There are basic equipments required for a successful prawn farming business. No business Can ever succeed without using the necessary tools required.

Below are the list of all the basic requirements and equipments for prawn farming:

  • A pond with a good and clean water source
  • Healthy and quality baby prawns to farm
    Farm shades
  • Manpower: Low-cost labor
  • Some vehicles for carrying your product to the market
  • A good and quality food; should have a well stock
  • A net to collect the prawns from the pond, etc.

Step #6. Feeding your prawns


Once you start your prawn farming,  you should know the perfect food for them to survive. Without this,  you may not have a good harvest when it’s ready for harvest.

Types of food that prawn eat

Prawns are omnivorous animal, and they eat a variety of food, including plankton, carrion and other microorganisms. Their diet also include detritus, or fragments of decaying organic matter, small shellfish and worms.

Prawns are crustaceans and have a diet similar to that of other crustaceans. Prawns that are newly born eat modestly and often feed on plankton that live near the surface of the water. Also, they eat small marine plants and can eat seaweed, as long as it’s small enough for them to eat. (Source:

Step #7. Harvesting your Prawns

Harvest time

The time for harvesting prawn depends mainly on the Prawn condition along with the price and market demand.

They’re harvested with the help of cast net according to their weight, shape and size. During the harvesting stage, the soft shell should be less than 5 % in the pond.

This can be achieved by scheduled harvesting of the Prawns between 2 moultings. Molting can be indicated by the existence of exuviae in the growing pond.

Step #8. Selling your prawns

Selling it
Selling it in the market

After harvesting your prawns,  it’s time to sell them. This can be easier for you hence your farm is located near a local market.

You can use your vehicle to convey the prawns to the market and sell them.

How profitable is prawn farming business? 

This is has a high market demand and this alone makes it profitable. Once you’re good in what you’re doing,  them, you can make good profit from this business.

Conclusion on how to start prawn farming business in Nigeria and India

Prawn is high in demand and being consumed globally, this makes prawn farming business to be very profitable.

If you want to start farming prawn,  the steps listed in this article will go a long way to helping you start a profitable prawn farm.

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