Rice Business In India – How To Start Rice Business In India 2021

Rice business in India,  how to start rice business in India 2021.

Rice is one of the most consumed food in the whole world which India is not an exception. Due to its high demand,  entrepreneurs have discovered the business potential in it.

Before we continue this post about rice business in India,  let’s first look at some frequently asked questions which people are asking.

Frequently asked questions

How do I start a rice wholesale business? 

Is rice shop profitable? 

As you have seen above,  the questions frequently asked by individuals who want to start this business model.

Why rice business can be profitable in India

Like we’ve already said earlier,  rice is one of the most consumed grain in India. So this creates a higher chance for entrepreneurs to profit from the business.

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What are the types of rice business in India

There are many types of rice business which you can start in India. If you want to start this business,  below are the different rice business types which you can start.

If this is the type you want to go for,  this means that you’ll be cultivating the rice and sell to the wholesalers.

  • Wholesaling

This type is when you want to start the business in large quantities and sell to the retailers.

  • Retailing

Retailing is when you buy from the wholesalers and sell directly to the final consumer.

  • Rice mill based business

You can start rice business in India by processing rice. This means you’ll have machines which you will use to process the rice.

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How to start rice business in India 2021

Rice business in India

  • Acquire a business license

This should be the first step to take in starting your rice based business. You’ll need to acquire a business license for your business. The license will indicate that your business is legal and legitimate.

  • Rent a warehouse for rice storage

This is another step to take in starting your rice business in India.  You’ll need to rent a warehouse which you’ll use to store your rice for safety purposes.

  • Connect with farmers and wholesalers

For you to make good turn over in supplies,  you’ll need to connect with farmers and wholesalers. They’re the people that you can sell your rice to.

  • Get a vehicle for conveying your rice

You’ll need a good vehicle which you’ll be using to convey your rice to customers. This will help you to establish a good relationship with your customers and also make more sales.

  • Get more rice varieties

Yes, if you have many rice varieties,  it will increase your customer base because people’s choices defers.

  • You’ll need to acquire a non life insurance

It’s advisable to acquire a non life insurance so as to protect your business. Insurance is very important for every business.

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How much can one make from rice business in India? 

The truth is that this type of business is very profitable, we can’t estimate how much one can make from it. How much you make from this business totally depends on your daily turn over.


Indian rice business is highly lucrative if you venture into it. But to be successful,  you’ll need to master the market to figure out the variety of rice that’s mostly demanded.

So,  ensure to take these tips above,  it’ll help you in starting your own rice based business.

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