Banana farming business plan 2021.  If you want to start a banana farming business, this post will show you 6 tips on how to start your banana farming business plan.

Banana farming is said to be one of the most profitable business in Nigeria, India, Florida,  United States of America etc.

You already know how well bananas are being consumed in the world today, this will tell you how lucrative banana farming business can be.

Before we proceed on the banana farming business plan,  let’s first see frequently asked questions. These are some questions people ask about Banana farming business plan.

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Frequently asked questions about banana farming business plan

Banana farm

How do I start a small banana farm? 

How profitable is banana farming?

Above are some questions asked by most people who want to start a banana cultivation business.

Now,  do you know that banana has different types. Let’s quickly see the different types of banana.

4 different types of banana

There are basically 4 different types of banana available today:

Cavendish banana

This type of banana is the most common in the world today. They’re usually long, curved and has yellow skin when it’s ripe.

Red banana

Red banana is also called acca banana. It also possess a reddish purple colored skin. But it change color when it’s ripe. Red banana is usually creamy and also sweet.

Ladyfinger banana

Ladyfinger banana is called Sugar bananas and they’re normally short in nature.

Apple banana

Apple banana is normally seen in Philippines and some other part of south east Asia.

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Banana farming business plan – 6 steps on how to start a banana farming business

👉Set out your banana farming business budget

This is the first step you should take in your banana farming business plan. Money is the main thing that can hinder you from starting your business.  So,  it’s necessary to set out a budget for your business.

👉Get a farmland for your banana farming (banana farming business plan)

Now,  you’ll need to acquire a farmland that will be suitable for your banana farming business. Not every land is suitable for growing bananas. They perform well in tropical climate regions with a temperature average of about 27° daily.

👉Choose the type of banana you’ll like to cultivate

Here,  you’ll have to choose the type of banana that you’ll like to plant. We’ve already told you the 4 different types of banana, so choose from any of them.

👉Cultivating your bananas

It’s time to plant your bananas. The equipment you can use for doing this is called a sucker. You need to learn how to use the sucker so that you can handle it effectively.

👉Managing your crops

Crop management is one of the banana farming business plan you need to keep in mind. At this time, you need to perform some necessary actions in your banana farm land which include watering your crops,  weeding,  applying fertilizers when it’s needed.

👉Harvesting your crops

Once your crops are matured for harvesting,  you can now harvest your crops and put them up for sale.

How to start banana farming business

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The advantages of banana business

The good thing about this business is that it sells faster. People like to eat it because of it’s nutritious attribute.

The downside of banana business

Banana is a perishable crops, so it needs to be sold out as fast as possible so they won’t perish. You need to take some preventive measures.

Conclusion on banana farming business plan 2021

Banana farming business is a profitable business if you can go for it. We’ve listed 6 tips to start your banana farming business. Below are the summary.

Set out your banana farming business budget 

Acquire a farmland for your banana farming business

Choose the type of banana you’ll like to cultivate

Cultivate your banana

Managing your crops 

Harvesting your banana

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